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Mercer Internal Medicine, LLC

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New patient registration form    If you are a new patient to our practice, click here and print out the registration form.  After you fill out the information, you can mail or fax it to us or bring it when you come for your first visit.

Medical history form  Click here to access the medical history form we need you to complete so we can be aware of your past medical history and current health needs.  We ask our patients to complete this form when they see us for the first time or if they are to undergo a complete history and physical exam.  Print out the form and fill it out at your leisure.  You may mail or fax it to us or bring it in at the time of your appointment.

Release of medical records form  Use this form to request a physician or health facility to forward a copy of your medical records to us to help ensure we have the information we need to provide you with the highest level of care.  See the link "Medical Records Processing Fee" if you wish to request that we send a copy of our medical records to another physician or healthcare facility.