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Click on the links below to tap into outstanding resources about general health guidelines, up to date information about specific health topics,  and contacts with patient and medical organizations.  Explore and learn!

Patient Education Topics   Patient education handouts on a wide variety of health issues and medical conditions.

Advance Directives   This website provides helpful information and a beautiful and easy to use advance directive (living will) form.  $5 accesses full use of this highly valuable resource.

American Heart Association   You can find helpful diet and exercise guidelines here along with lots of information about cardiovascular health and disease.

Diabetes   This website of the American Diabetes Association provides detailed information about diabetes, medications, diet, exercise, and even a buyer's guide for diabetic supplies.

Travel Guidelines   Are you planning a family vacation in Belize?  Packing for a business trip in Thailand?  Organizing a research project studying insects in the Amazon jungle?  This Center for Disease Control website provides current guidelines for vaccinations and news alerts about disease outbreaks around the world.

American Cancer Society   This website provides cancer screening guidelines.  Check out their great "Cancer Resource Center" page directs you to detailed information about specific types of cancer.  Their "Cancer Survivors Network" can help put you in touch with local support groups.

National Osteoporosis Foundation  This website provides helpful information about osteoporosis.    This website provides daily pollen counts for specific zip code areas which can help our hayfever and asthma patients better prepare for the day.  You can register here for daily email reports on local pollen counts.

National Institutes of Health   This website connects you to the latest in medical research.

American Lung Association   This is a helpful site for patients with asthma, emphysema, and other lung diseases.