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Medical Teamwork

Mercer Internal Medicine utilizes a team approach in addressing your medical care needs. Many different skills are required to assure that the highest quality of health care is provided to you. Medical knowledge and technical expertise on the part of the physician are not enough. Your questions, concerns, anxieties, beliefs, and personal values must be effectively addressed as medical interventions are planned and the uncertainties of life and health are confronted. Complicated insurance forms have to be completed and submitted. Appointments have to scheduled. Supplies have to be ordered. Diagnostic tests and referrals to medical specialists have to be arranged, and health education has to be accomplished so that there is a mutual understanding about the measures being taken to attain desired health goals. As individuals with differing interests and skills, the physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and office staff of Mercer Internal Medicine all work together as a team to weave together the many threads that form the fabric of good health and high quality medical care.

Because we are a group practice, you may have the opportunity of interacting with more than just one physician over the course of your medical care with us. Patients are often scheduled to be seen by the same physician each time, allowing for the opportunity to deepen the patient-physician relationship and to enhance the ability of the patient and provider to know each other well. However, emergency care or schedule conflicts sometimes result in patient care by a physician not usually seen during routine visits. Please be assured that each physician brings a high level of clinical competence to the care of all our patients. In addition, patients seen by more than one provider can often benefit from the differing clinical strengths and perspectives of the different physicians. If you find yourself to be more comfortable with one provider over another, we are happy to accommodate your preference; simply let us know when you call for your appointment.